What everyone needs to know about content

If there is one theme that resonates on this blog, it’s Content.

My definition of content, as it relates to Content Marketingis; the message we share in order to attract the right people’s attention and then earn their interest, to their betterment and the development of our company and personal brand.

Content is going to be extremely important in 2012 with Google changing its algorithm and with people looking at ways to create a strong presence on platforms that continue to change, like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Google+. Great content is the one constant!

Here are some items I think about on a regular basis with respect to the content I share on blogs.

Creative: You have to have a strong voice and stand out. If you are blogging for a company, make sure the content you are writing relates to the products or services that your company provides. If you are writing about a popular subject, like social media, you really have your work cut out for you. There are so many social media blog sites. My advice to you, write about your personal experiences. This way you can take a solid stance on a particular subject.

Objective: Know your facts, do your homework. It is OK to use other people’s information or refer to articles, but always give credit. In fact, other writers appreciate people conducting reviews of their articles. Check out this blog post I wrote, about an article by Todd Schnick – entitled “Social Media Opinions” – What everyone needs to know about content by Jim Connolly

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