Why Do Not Track Will Make Online Advertising Better (Seriously)

It seems a foregone conclusionamong digital marketers: proposed Do-Not-Track legislation will kill online advertising. How could it not, with restricted access to consumer data, plus regulatory oversight of online ad-tracking efforts?

But that’s not the case. Anti-tracking legislation will make online advertising more focused and relevant to consumers. It will set into motion a more innovative and prosperous era of digital marketing, dominated by a healthy respect for consumers’ wishes about how their data are collected and used, and innovative advertising that meets their needs.

Prominent marketers have called for a “fight [against the] anti-tracking forces.” The Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA) claims that anti-tracking proposals “accelerate and fan the flames of fear and confusion in the advertising community and with consumers.” The Alliance has initiated a campaign against Microsoft’s commitment to ship its latest version of Internet Explorer with a default Do-Not-Track setting.  – Why Do Not Track Will Make Online Advertising Better (Seriously) by Peter Klein

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