The three steps to ‘shareability,’ sharing customer information within the firm

Multichannel marketing means being able to deploy not only campaigns but content across channels in an integrated fashion.

It is recognized that to communicate effectively across channels, customer information must be also shared effectively within the organization.

Data sharing was the a topic at’s recent Big Data Roundtable in London in February. What is less well-known and understood is how to get to a shared data repository as an organization.

This blog post shares some of our research results as to how to achieve shared data in the corporation.

‘Shareability’ is the key

We can think of this ability to share customer information as the concept of ‘shareability.’ What we found in our research is that not only is it difficult to share information across channels but it is equally difficult to measure.

I am referring to two separate studies that we have conducted over the last decade. The first study I referred to in my last blog post on Why Doesn’t Everyone Do Big Data?, in which we surveyed 206 software and financial firms and developed the concept of CIS (Customer Information System).

This determined how well companies managed their customer information and linked that capability to firm performance through the management of marketing metrics such as retention rate. – The three steps to ‘shareability,’ sharing customer information within the firm by Debra Zahay-Blatz

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