Five Ways Mobile Apps Can Be Used To Market Your Business

Five Ways Mobile Apps Can Be Used To Market Your BusinessWith as much noise as there is in the world today, marketing is difficult – but many marketers overlook one simple thing that can revolutionize how marketing is performed. What is the one object that nearly everyone carries around in his or her pockets at all time? That’s right; their cell phone. Mobile applications can be useful for marketers to use, and can also be used to market to other people. Here are a few ways…

1. Get a feel for events in real time.

Apps like are analytics apps for real life. This app can be used at conferences to get a feel for where people are paying the most attention, what booths have the most visitors, and more. DoubleDutch is a mobile event app which allows visitors at a convention to communicate with the other patrons through an Instagram ‘like’ feed, and answer surveys about their experience. The app also holds sponsorship opportunities within it to help pay for the cost.

2. Keep all of your social media tools in a single place.

Apps such as LastPass help you keep track of all of your passwords, so you don’t need to waste mental energy trying to remember individual passwords for individual sites; just remember one, and you’re good to go. Other applications can combine all of your social media networks into one, allowing you to manage contacts easily and keep track of them in real time. No more switching back and forth between Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and all of the other social media apps that seem to spring up constantly.

3. Post enticing photos of products or services.

Instagram isn’t just for posting pictures of lunch and cats. You can use it to post photographs of new shipments, new creations, or the services you offer, and get your customers excited about the prospect of shopping at your business. It’s one of the fastest growing social networks right now, and if used correctly, can skyrocket your marketing efforts. For instance, if you run a cake shop, post a photo of a cake fresh from the oven – it is guaranteed to make viewers want some of it.

4. Use social media to let fans and customers know of special events.

A great way to draw temporary and potentially lasting attention to your business is through special offers and events. Using Twitter, Facebook, and other apps, you can alert your base of fans and followers to flash sales, special giveaways, and more. Combining this with an email list is a great way to not only grow your list, but convert visitors into customers – once they’ve said yes to signing up for the email list, it isn’t hard to make the leap to buying a product.

5. Creating your own app.

This is a more in depth process than employing apps already in existence, but it can have benefits. By creating an app unique to your business, you can allow users to receive special discounts in store, create a point system where customers can work up to certain rewards, use it as an automated sale notification system, and more. Not to mention the branding benefits! While app creation can be a time consuming process, it can pay for itself by increasing your brand and bringing more customers through your doors.

Using mobile marketing is the way to go, and enables you to reach thousands of people in the blink of an eye – far more than a billboard could. Taking advantage of this opportunity is something everyone business owner should do.

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Instead of Homepage, Think Mobile App

Number 10 iPhone app launching soon

Number 10 iPhone app launching soon (Photo credit: Downing Street)

People are very attached to their smartphones — checking them periodically during the day, probably multitasking at times.  Smartphones are setup with applications as well as a mobile browser, but when you want to get an idea of what’s going on from your phone, it’s probably easier to turn to a mobile app instead of browsing the web.  Apps like Facebook, Twitter, Flipboard, Feedly, Google+, etc. let you quickly browse headlines to find articles of interest.  So what does this mean for the business owner?  Several things — having a website that’s viewable on a mobile device is very important, as is creating content regularly that will show up in such mobile apps.

Anyway, I see the first app you turn to in the morning as the new homepage. Some might argue it’s your entire homescreen of apps, but I don’t think that’s right. It’s the one service you care most about, no matter the reason, and want to load immediately upon hitting the web. The delivery device has changed, but the concept has not. The First App You Open in The Morning by MG Siegler

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Google Glass Needs to Find a Way to Be Cool or Useful

Image representing Google Glass as depicted in...

Image via CrunchBase

Google Glass has a problem. They’re really not cool to wear.  They also don’t really do anything your phone can’t already do (better).  In order to be successful, Google Glass needs to find a way to either be cool or useful — either by their own efforts or encouraging third parties. [Read more…]

7 Tips to Make Your Email Marketing More Mobile-friendly

Smart Phone Jewelry

(Photo credit: Jeff Howard)

Unless you’ve been burying your head in the sand the past few years, you may have missed the news about mobile. The “mobile first” revolution has arrived. And it’s here to stay.

To boot, some 145 million people in the U.S. owned smartphones (a 60.8 percent mobile market penetration) during the three months ending in August, up 3 percent since May, according to the August 2013 comScore report. Translation: Nearly two out of every three Americans own a smartphone.

Now consider that email is the top activity on smartphones — ahead of browsing and even Facebook — and you have a huge opportunity to reach people with your email marketing messages via the devices they are using most often.

However, email marketing hasn’t totally caught up with the mobile revolution. The majority of emails are still not optimized for mobile viewing and interaction. Buttons are small. Subscribers are forced to enlarge the screen and move things around to see the email. It’s just clunky.

But there is hope. The future is now for mobile-friendly email marketing. Here are seven tips to ensure your next email campaign is optimized for a mobile device.

7 Tips to Make Your Email Marketing More Mobile-friendly by DJ Waldow

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5 Crucial Mobile Advertising Tactics for Small Businesses

English: icon for smartphone (smart phone) rel...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Seventy-two percent of small-business owners planned to increase or maintain their mobile ad spend this year, with 65 percent of these increasing their spending by up to 30 percent, according to a study by Borrell Associates of 1,300 small-business owners.

Add to that the fact that Google and Facebook are shifting more of their revenues to mobile, and it’s clear that mobile marketing, advertising and purchasing is more than just a trend—it’s a key factor in how consumers prefer to do business in today’s marketplace.

So how can your business maintain relevance and competitiveness within this new paradigm?

5 Crucial Mobile Advertising Tactics for Small Businesses by Danny Brown

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TL;DNR: Length and Formatting of Content Are Important

Old Typewriters @ Powell's Books

Old Typewriters @ Powell’s Books (Photo credit: sazbean)

tl;dnr: The length and formatting of your content matters.  People read differently online than in print (and mobile is even more different).

Ever click through a link and then find an article that was way too long and hard to read? If you’re like most people, you quickly left.  How people read content online is quite different than how they read in print.  And the circumstances around their information needs will also dictate how they read a page and how long you have to get your point across. [Read more…]

50 Mobile Marketing Facts

Mobile marketing is undoubtably on the rise — there are more mobile connections in the US than there are people and 50% of mobile subscribers use a smartphone.  But people don’t just own these devices, they are using them more and more — for everything from communicating to friends, to searching while watching tv, to helping make purchase decisions. Whether or not you currently have a mobile audience, the rate of adoption is so swift that you probably soon will.

From our friends at HubSpot, 50 Mobile Marketing Facts….

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Sazcast Episode 34 – Mobile Websites with Dave Peckens

sazcastlogo250Mobile websites and applications with co-host Dave Peckens. Everything you wanted to know about whether you should have a mobile website or mobile application for your business.

Show notes. Here are the links we discussed in the podcast:

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A Tale of Mobile Website Failure

FrustrationLast Saturday, my family and I were coming home from playing volleyball right about the time when Michigan was playing Northwestern in football.  We tried to get the game on the radio, but the AM station was too staticy and the FM stations were covering the Tigers game. No problem! We’ll just get the audio stream of the game on my smartphone and we’ll be fine. Except that seemingly simple task turned into a long-winded quest. [Read more…]

10 Ways to Use Foursquare

Check-in applications like Foursquare are helpful to businesses because they can see who some of their customers are and can reward loyalty.  In this slideshow, we see 10 different ways that Foursquare can be used to help your business.