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Knowing what & how to build is complex

Develop & market products by identifying what makes customers tick.

Find out how to market products through an intersection of customer insights, market research, analytics, user stories, requirements, road maps, business cases, usability, iterative development and marketing strategies.

Business + Technical Product Management

My sweet spot is at the intersection between technology and business. I love to manage and develop products, market them, and deep dive into technical issues when needed. Leveraging strategic and creative thinking to problem solving is when I thrive. I have developed and marketed products for a variety of industries and companies, including manufacturing, eCommerce, retail, software, publishing, media, law, accounting, medical, construction, & marketing.

About Sazbean

Sarah Worsham (Sazbean) is a Webgrrl = Solution Architect + Product Management (Computer Engineer * Geek * Digital Strategist)^MBA. Views are her own.

Product Marketing is…

"a complex trade requiring expertise on a vast array of disciplines to present the full potential of a product in a way that grabs at the customer's heart strings." -- Sarah Worsham