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If you are a small business owner like me, then you are no stranger to the fact that learning how to master Twitter can seem a little bit like wrestling a hungry alligator. Meaning, there is a steep learning curve and if you mess up it can be deadly. Figuratively speaking, of course! After using Twitter for the past couple of years, and following a lot of trial and error, below are ten ways that I think you can begin to use Twitter to drive more traffic to your small business blog. – Top Ten Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Small Business Blog Using Twitter (ProBlogger)

The first 3 ways are something every business should do – change the default icon, fill in the profile and show up!  If you want people to interact and follow you, you need to look professional and you need to have something worth saying.  Don’t spam people with marketing crap.  Have conversations, provide useful information, and occasionally it’s ok to mention your stuff (nicely).  Don’t try to be someone you’re not – people can smell a rotten fish from miles away.

It is simply magnificent what you can do with freely available data on the web about your direct competitors, your industry segment and indeed how people behave on search engines and other websites. The secret to making optimal use of CI data lies in one single realization: You must ensure you understand how the data you are analyzing is collected. – The Definitive Guide To (7) Competitive Intelligence Data Sources! (Occam’s Razor)

While some of the sources of CI may not be available to small businesses (due to cost), there are a lot of good, free resources here to give you an idea of what your competitors and your industry are doing.  Having some CI information is important for figuring out strategy and what you need to do to differentiate yourself in the eyes of your customers.

Just as the behaviors on the devices are vastly different, the marketing tactics and strategies are night and day between feature phones and newer smartphones. Where promotions and light engagement were the status quo for older phones, the cutting edge is all about features and utility. In most cases, these consumers care most about how useful it will be to engage, rather than just how entertaining. – Digital Marketing Guide: Mobile (Advertising Age)

I’m not sure how many times I can say it – mobile is going to be big. If you have questions about how you can use mobile for your business, AdAge has some great information as a starting guide. Especially useful is how mobile marketing is different now from just a couple of years ago (smartphones) – and what you should provide on your mobile website.

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