Heroku Out of Beta – Fast, Easy & Cheap Ruby Hosting

herokuHeroku, who we previously covered here and here, offers quick and easy Ruby hosting.  Today their service came out of beta, with a commercial, paid version of it’s service.  Web developers can focus on development, leaving deployment, hosting and scaling of the application to Heroku.  Meant to provide affordable services which easily scale, packages start around $36/month.  As the popularity of an application increase, Heroku can match demand, allowing developers to start small but scale up on the same platform.

Developers can customize their hosting by choosing database performance and size, http performance, and add-ons.  Databases start with 5MB of storage for free and run up to 20 compute units and 2 TB of storage for $1600.  Http performance, which Heroku calls dynos, representing one process of an application, and are priced by hour starting at 1 dyno for free and 40 dynos for $1.95/hour.  There are recommended amounts of dynos for each type of database, starting at 2 for the smallest, free version.  Add-ons include additional backups or crons (some are included), with wildcard domains and delayed jobs in beta, and memcaching, workling, and AMQP planned soon.

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