WordStream Releases New Advanced Keyword Research SEO Tool

WordStream announced the release of a new keyword tool for SEO professionals today. WordStream Keyword Management for SEO is an advanced keyword research tool, which offers the same keyword suggestion capabilities as other tools (WordTracker, Keyword Discovery, etc.), but layers on keyword analytics, grouping and organization. Integrated content authoring tools are also included for roughly the same price (starting at $49/mo).

Instead of only offering a static list of keyword suggestions with related keywords, WordStream for SEO provides:

  • Traditional Keyword Research – Similar to other keyword tools, WordStream offers a deep database of keyword suggestions.
  • Personalize Keyword Suggestions – WordStream also mines your own site data to provide relevant keyword ideas that people are already using to find your site.
  • Keyword Analytics – Instead of popularity estimates, WordStream provides accurate visit and goal data from your own site on an ongoing basis.
  • Keyword Organization – WordStream has created very sophisticated grouping and organization capabilities so you can effectively segment your keyword list to identify content suggestions, to analyze your data for strategic clusters, and to create a SEO-friendly information architecture.
  • Content Authoring – The WordStream SEO for Firefox plugin connects your keyword research with your content creation efforts to help you focus your blog posts or product pages.

The Discover Keywords tab is where you conduct traditional keyword research, allowing you to aggregate data from a range of different sources:

WordStream SEO for Firefox plugin provides some great functionality for integrating keyword research and content authoring and integrates into blogging platforms like Drupal, WordPress and Blogger.  To start you can research a new topic and get help in narrowing a broad topic into something more targeted:

As you select a topic, you can see all the keywords in that group, viewing results as phrases, single words or in question form.  As you write, the plugin also keeps a running count of how many keyword phrases you’ve used:

WordStream is offering a free trial if you’re interested in learning more about their new keyword management SEO tool.

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