Think Like a Publisher, Not a Marketer

You have to stop thinking like a marketer, an advertiser and a communicator and start thinking like a publisher. Create information your consumers want, and they will share it, this is the idea behind creating the World Wide Rave content. “On the web, you are what you publish.” – Online Marketing Blog – The New Rules of Marketing & PR


Sound familiar?  Customer-centric design is about creating a site that works for your readers/customers.  Content is one of the most important aspects of a successful online presence.  Branding is now influenced by everything that is said and done by your company online (and said about you).

There are many opportunities for good content online:

  • Information about your products and services
  • Customer service frequently asked questions
  • Discussion boards
  • A company blog for continued education of your customers
  • Interaction with your customers
  • Social media
  • Commenting on other blogs and websites
  • Podcasts
  • Videos
  • Photos

Keep in mind that content online doesn’t always mean formally written articles for your website.  Content can be more informal with blogs and social media.  Content is also interaction with customers on social networks and discussion boards.

What content do you provide for your customers?

(photo by mandj98 @ Flickr CC)

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