Content Curation vs. Content Creation

Night SeesawJust like anything in business, people expect value from their social media relationships. An important way to provide value to your network via social media is through a content strategy. A content strategy can include content that you create, as well as content you curate or share from other sources. How much content should you create versus curate? It’s up to you, but here are some things to consider:

The Value of Content Curation

There is just too much information coming into our lives on a daily basis. It’s impossible to keep up with what’s important. Providing content curation, based on your¬†industry¬†and area of expertise, can be an extremely valuable service to your customers and audience. Instead of having to take time from their busy days to find important news, they can just look to you. There’s definite value in content curation.

Sharing and Giving

Content curation is nice because you’re giving back to your wider network by sharing other’s content. It’s a great way to meet new people and connect to start new relationships. People are much more likely to feel positive about you if you share and contribute in ways that aren’t just self-promoting. This sharing attitude is also viewed positively by your network in general.

Creation of Expertise

Content creation is an extremely valuable part of any online strategy because it’s how you can really show off your level of expertise. Other than having conversations and answering questions, it’s one of the most powerful ways to provide proof that you know what you claim to know. Content creation is definitely worth reserving some time and effort in your schedule.

Content Balance

As with anything, balance is best. Sharing others content is very positive and content creation shows off your expertise, but a nice balance of both is best for any content strategy.

What’s your approach to content strategy?

(photo by Peat Bakke)

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  • Marc Rougier

    “Balance is best”. Nice article and balanced conclusion. I agree :)

    I’d add that since the curator also needs expertise to select and edit, he also shows it off through his curations.

    The balance in to be found in the mission (express an original idea v. give air time to already existing, relevant ones); but also in the investment required: a curator can produce great outcome by being a domain expert; while a creator also needs time, inspiration and talent as a writter – a domain by itself. Curation is a useful and effective means to communicate, with a lower barrier than creation. Long lives to both :)

    (disc: I’m from, a publish-by-curation platform)

  • sazbean

    Marc, I love your addition to the idea of balance! I still think at least a bit of content creation is required, if for no reason other than to show of specifics of how your business is differentiated. But I do agree that balance is required even if you choose one strategy more than the other. Thanks for your comment!