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Twitalyzer goes beyond most websites providing statistics on your Twitter usage, displaying 15 key metrics on an easy-to-use dashboard.  Other sites which provide Twitter statistics usually focus on followers (and follower growth), updates and followees.  While it may be nice to see the growth of your following in a graph, it’s much more useful to know how engaged your audience is and how influential you are.  Twitalyzer gives you a snapshot based on the past 7 days of activity, with trending information available for the last 14, 30, 60, and 90 days (and all time). Best of all, it’s free (at least for now).

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Once you allow Twitalyzer to connect with your Twitter profile, it analyzes your activity and how much your audience is engaging with you and spits out a beautiful dashboard with 15 stats: Impact, Engagement, Influence, Generosity, Clout, Velocity, Retweeted, Retweeting, Referenced, Referencing, Updates, Followers, Following, Lists and Hastags Cited.  Each with trending information (going up or down with some visual information about how much).

Using Twitter as a conversation and engagement tool is important, but it’s been difficult to measure the impact of that time investment.  When working with clients, it’s important for them to be able to get some indications of how well they’re doing and where they can improve.  That information has been available in the past, but Twitalyzer organizes a lot of great information in one easy-to-read dashboard. Once Twitalyzer has been analyzing data on your profile for awhile, you’ll be able to see graphs of trends for all 15 statistics.


Knowing who the influencers are in your network is important for being able to leverage them to get your important messages out, as well as knowing who you should turn to for opinions and assistance.  Twitalyzer give you a list of the top 25 influencers for your profile ranked by their impact.  You can also see the impact, engagement and number of followers for every influencer, as well as their retweets for the past 7 days.

You can also see who the top 25 tweeters are that are sending you messages.  These are the people who are trying to have a conversation with you, so it’s a good idea to keep track of them – especially useful for companies. To see who you’re spending time conversing with, there’s also the top 25 tweeters who you’re sending messages to.


You may be wondering how you’re doing compared to others.  Twitalyzer gives you a list of the most influential people on twitter (which you can then filter for subjects , keywords and location).  You can also look up any Twitter user to get their Impact, Engagement, Influence, Generosity and Clout statistics.


Twitalyzer is probably the best Twitter statistics site I’ve seen.  The layout and design is well-thought-out and easy to understand.  The stats are meaningful and applicable to business concerns.  And it’s free (at least for now).  I’d recommend checking it out.

Have you used Twitalyzer?  What do you think?

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